New Thematic Convenors: David Farrugia, Julia Coffey, Paula Geldens

After a series of nominations, our thematic group has a new triumvirate of convenors. We are: David Farrugia (University of Ballarat), Julia Coffey (University of Melbourne) and Paula Geldens (Swinburne University).
First up, thanks to Dan Woodman, Steve Threadgold and Sarah Maclean, the previous convenors. During their time as convenors the thematic group was founded and has blossomed, with a number of conferences, post-grad events, journal special issues and increased engagement with youth sociologists nationally and overseas. I think we can all agree that the last few years have been fantastic.
As the new convenors for the group, we are hoping to pick up where the previous leadership left off. At this stage, the most important announcement is the Youth Symposium to be held alongside TASA this year on the 22nd of November. This event will bring together discussions on a number of key themes in youth studies and will provide a focal point for networking and collaborative discussions. Be sure to keep this date free.
As well as this event, we are currently assembling some ideas about how to better support post-graduate students and integrate them further into the group. Current ideas include publication support and mentorship programs and collaborative workshops with established youth scholars. We would be open to more ideas about how to support our emerging post-graduates, particularly in relation to how we can place them in the best position to engage with an increasingly difficult academic labour market.

We also want to contribute to the burgeoning area of ‘digital sociology’; hence the creation of this blog! We have established a Facebook group ( and twitter account ( to engage with others in sociology and youth sociology, and open lines of communication for events, general news, and developments in the field. We will be looking for contributors to write for this blog – any media commentary, research project overviews, conceptual pieces or more substantive essays are welcomed! Contact Julia at if you’re interested in contributing.

Finally, please feel free to contact us with ideas and suggestions for future events and initiatives, as well as any news from the field and announcements you would like us to make on your behalf. We hope to continue the good work done by the previous convenors in the coming years.

David Farrugia, Julia Coffey, Paula Geldens
Co-Convenors of the Sociology of Youth Thematic group


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