2014 TASA Conference Plenary Sessions and Book Launches: Call for Expressions of Interest

To all TASA Sociology of Youth thematic group members,

The organising committee for TASA 2014 has called for expressions of interest for conference plenary sessions and book launches.

Applications for plenary sessions need to include a title, brief description of the theme, proposed speakers and details of support from thematic group(s) and/or other research centres and institutes.

Applications for plenaries and book launches are to be emailed directly to the local organising committee at brad.west@unisa.edu.au before June the 15th.

So that the thematic group can officially support plenary applications, we are asking that anyone proposing a plenary inform the TG conveners beforehand so that we can give you the official tick. Please send your plenary proposals to p.geldens@swin.edu.au by 9th of June. We do not decide which plenary proposals are accepted by the conference organisers, but as we are a strong and active group we would like to see as many good plenary proposals as possible go up to the organising committee.

All the best,

David, Julia and Paula; TASA Youth Thematic Group Conveners



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