A Girl’s Place is On the Agenda

Dr Lesley Pruitt, TASA Youth member and academic at the University of Melbourne posted this last year. She is currently working on revisions based on this piece for a journal article and is keen for feedback and discussion.

Women, Peace and Security Academic Collective

Another world is not only possible…She is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.

(Arundhati Roy)

A young Afghan girl and her classmates paint images of peace on the cement barriers surrounding the ISAF station. Photograph by ‘Afghanistan Matters’.

Why it is that girls tend to be the most often marginalized actors when it comes to participation in peace processes? Research shows that they tend to be forgotten both in youth programs, which are often dominated by boys, and women’s programs, which are usually dominated by older women. Although UNSC Resolution 1325 clearly outlines a role for women and girls, implementation strategies have tended to focus on older women, who have also more frequently used the Resolution in their organizing and advocacy.  Just as participation by both men and women are needed to ensure sustainable peace, the experiences and needs of girls and boys…

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