Abstracts for the Sociology of Youth Postgraduate Workshop

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The Sociology of Youth Thematic Group of The Australian Sociological Association is holding a workshop for post-graduate students on the 28th of November at the University of South Australia (the day after the TASA annual conference).

This workshop is hosted by a panel of established scholars in Australian youth studies, including Professor Johanna Wyn (Director of the Youth Research Centre at the University of Melbourne) and Dr Steven Threadgold (Senior Lecturer at the University of Newcastle), as well as convenors of the thematic group. Students will give a presentation of around 45 minutes on their work, and receive feedback and critical discussion from the panel.

Presenters and topics include:

Adrian Farrugia (National Drug Research Institute, Curtin University)

“Young Men, MDMA and Drug Education”

“This project focuses on Australian drug education, analysing key themes articulated in it alongside interviews gathered with young men who consume ecstasy. It asks, how are young men imagined and produced within these documents, and how closely do their assumptions and messages match the experiences of their target audiences? To perform an analysis of such qualitatively different phenomena I have worked with Deleuzian ontology which, as I will argue, offers a valuable framework within which to better understand the ways age, gender, and issues of temporality and spatiality directly and indirectly form drug consumption and drug education. Working with Deleuzian theory I conceptualise all the phenomena in this research as assemblages. This is a conceptual shift away from understanding bodies and drugs as discrete stabile entities to instead focus on emergent assemblages of human and non-human phenomena which together enact bodies, drugs and contexts.”

Benjamin Hanckel (University of Technology Sydney)

“Regional Development in Asia: Designing a technological intervention that targets non-heterosexual young people”

“My PhD project explores one technology-based intervention within Asia that targets non-heterosexual young people across 8 countries. I draw on the Capability Approach developed by Amartya Sen, to examine the trajectories of this transnational intervention, from design to delivery, and its role in development outcomes. In this presentation I present the preliminary results from an examination of the design phase of the transnational technological intervention. In doing so I draw on interview data with staff and content developers, staff meeting field notes and programmatic delivery documents. Using the capability approach and Bourdieu’s work (his concepts of habitus and forms of capital are used) I explore the symbolic production of the site, and how it gets (re)made to meet anticipated capital and capability needs across transnational spaces.”

Michael Hartup (University of Western Sydney)

“Grounding creativity and resilience”

“Drawing upon interviews with a range of marginalised young people who engage in music-making and youth arts workers who run music-making initiatives, this paper advocates a rethinking of the ways the relationship between vulnerability, creativity and resilience is mobilised within a youth music-making setting in order to develop youth-centred, socio-cultural understandings of the terms. To make this critique, I draw upon the work of Bloustien and Peters, whose work in the field of youth music-making seeks to activate young people’s insights and experiences (2003 p. 32; 2011 p. 6). I also explore the role the Australian music industry plays I supporting these ‘early career musicians’. This paper will not only highlight young people’s experiences of the complex process of producing original music, but also open up new possibilities for youth music-making initiatives to more effectively engage young people.”

This workshop is a great opportunity for up and coming scholars in youth studies to network and discuss their work. Interested students and researchers are also encouraged to come along to be in the audience and provide feedback to the presenters.

Time: 9am – 1pm
Location: University of South Australia (room TBA)


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